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Hi! I'm Danielle

Why Think Food, Think Love?

Food is often how we show love to the special people in our lives. And love is as fundamental a need as food – without either we cannot be healthy and thrive. 


Who am I? 

By training, I’m a professional chef and recipe developer, but my favorite “job” is wife and mom of 2 boys. Family and food have always been the most important things in my life – so getting to combine them on a daily basis is a dream come true. But I also know that feeding a family day in and day out can be a tough and thankless job – and that’s coming from someone who loves to cook. I’m here to show you that feeding your family (and yourself) doesn’t require a culinary degree (although, yes, I do have one) and it doesn’t have to be difficult and overwhelming. Come along on my journey of feeding my family, and take home some tips on how to share the food love with yours. 



My Background

I grew up in the food world – specifically the Italian restaurant my grandparents owned in Syracuse, NY. I spent countless hours helping my grandmother in the restaurant, and annoying all of the cooks. My studies at Syracuse University led me to a career in Advertising, but in 2009 I left the Ad world for culinary school at Newbury College. Shortly thereafter I joined the team at America’s Test Kitchen, first as a Photo Team Test Cook and then an Associate Editor for the Book Team. I contributed to 12 cookbooks including The How Can It Be Gluten Free CookbookThe Quick Family Cookbook, and Foolproof Preserving. I’m now a freelance recipe developer and food writer who calls Brookline, MA home. When not in the kitchen, I can be found running after my toddler or running with November Project, hiking, dancing and, of course, eating to fuel all of that activity. My favorite food is still pizza, the first thing my grandfather ever taught me to make.


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