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For the Love of Eggnog French Toast

A special little twist on a breakfast favorite.

French toast has a special place in my heart, and my breakfast repertoire. It's what my mom made on weekend mornings when we had extra time to sit in the kitchen and catch up. And now, it's what I make for my kids when we need a little excitement to start the day - even if it's your average Tuesday. (Side note: That trick works especially well when we're trying to get back into routine after vacation or holidays. It eases the transition by bringing something a little special into our everyday space.)

So with French toast occupying a spot in our regular breakfast rotation, I wanted to give it something extra special for our Christmas Eve breakfast. Without making it complicated or overly involved, I simply added eggnog to my standard French toast mixture. (I don't really follow a recipe - it's just eggs and milk + vanilla and cinnamon as desired.) Replacing most (but not all) of the milk with eggnog adds flavor and richness worthy of a holiday meal. I sprinkled a little nutmeg in there too, in keeping with the festive beverage. The excitement could hardly be contained, and boy am I glad I caught it on camera!

My big kid put his excitement on full display, but the little guy just couldn't stop eating long enough to smile for the camera.

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