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Getting Renovation Ready

I've been mentally preparing for this adventure for years, but the physical preparations are finally underway!

The satellite coffee station is set up! Let's be honest, if coffee can't happen, not much else happens, so this was priority #1 in my interim kitchen.

And being well caffeinated certainly helped with the building permit challenges we've had over the past few weeks! Did you know that it's possible for a whole lot of work to be done to a home without a permit? And for decades to go by without the powers that be noticing said work or lack of permit? Well, it is. And it turns out that our finished basement is just that sort of unpermitted work, which our town could no longer let go unnoticed. So on the day we *thought* we'd finally get our building permit, instead we had to jump through a whole bunch of hoops to include our entire basement in the permit so that it could legally continue to exist. Ugh! That took a couple more weeks and pushed our start date out a little further. Thankfully, we have the nicest contractor who's helping us navigate all of this and is ready and waiting to get started the second the permit comes through. Amazing, and not at all taken for granted!

In The Meantime

I've been collaborating with the lovely folks at Mercury Mosaics and World Coppersmith on the tile backsplash and range hood cover. They're both based in Minneapolis and I wish I would visit them in person because the creativity and craftsmanship are very compelling. Both of these elements are central to the aesthetic of the new kitchen so stay tuned for images and updates!

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