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Where have we been?!

Dealing with every last issue, that’s where! Oh, and I completely changed my mind on the kitchen wall color since the last update. These things happen.
Island, cabinets and wallpaper.
Cabinets!! And wallpaper!!! (Repose Gray frameless cabinets from Eclipse, Lewis & Wood Royal Oak wallpaper.)

It’s mind-boggling to me that my last construction update was back in February! Back then, we were at the insulation and plaster phase, and I still naively thought we’d be moving back into our house at the end of March (ugh! my brother-in-law was right, but don’t tell him I admitted that).

By mid-March, the cabinets were fully installed, wallpaper was hung, and the countertops were on their way. Little did I know, the flooring we were expecting to be delivered by the end of March was delayed - stuck on a ship in the Atlantic, held up by trucking shortages, port delays, and COVID - its new delivery date became a moving target.

By the beginning of April, we had beautiful new built-ins constructed, tile was installed…and I accepted a new full-time job! I definitely wasn’t expecting that last one, but Reviewed came knocking, looking for a new Kitchen & Cooking Editor, and I couldn’t pass it up. Especially since the job is as remote as I’d like it to be, so I can use my (eventual) new kitchen/workspace for all the testing and reviews I’ll be doing. It’s super exciting, and a HUGE change for all of us. This is the first non-freelance job I’ve had since before Daniel was born. I’m sure there will be growing pains, but I’m excited to use my skills in a way that will truly help people. More about the new job soon, but keep an eye out for my articles. My 1st day was May 9th!

Back to the Kitchen

I'm honestly not sure what was more exciting back in March - the arrival of the cabinets, or the installation of the wallpaper. I'd been eagerly awaiting both for soooo long, and it was incredible to see them "in the flesh" so to speak. After so much planning and waiting, it was actually kind of surreal to see things inching toward coming together. And I say "inching" because as quickly as some things were happening, the floors just kept getting delayed! Amazingly enough, the flooring is the only major thing that was delayed, so we were very lucky in that respect. Unfortunately, it's kind of crucial to wrapping up the project and moving back into the house. Can't have the kiddos running around on plywood, especially since they typically prefer to run around barefoot. Ouch!

The reason I didn’t post for so long

While the installation of the countertops and the tile were two of the most exciting milestones in the process, they both came with some serious stress. A couple of countertops were incorrectly installed and the mosaic tile was installed before the floating shelf brackets. It doesn’t sound extraordinary, but on top of all the decision fatigue I was already feeling, the drama of those relatively minor issues took some of the wind out of my sails. These are certainly First World problems, but the amount of communication, deliberation, and anxiety I’ve expended to bring this dream to life sometimes leave me with little gas left in the tank.

Here’s a quick anecdote: I had been looking forward to the installation of my beautiful custom Mercury Mosaics backsplash like a kid on Christmas Eve. I imagined unboxing it, taking photos and video of the installation, savoring the experience… In reality, it was installed on a Friday afternoon when I wasn’t around and I had no idea it happened until my husband told me while we were out at dinner for my aunt’s birthday. He knew I’d be disappointed so he sweetly organized a little surprise reveal for me after dinner. That helped! (It really is beautiful. I promise there will be photos soon!)

Follow-up on my color choices

This is just a little insight into the process of choosing paint colors, and how it should always be an evolution based on real-life sample. If you read my previous post about the cozy neutral color palette I chose for this space, you may be wondering what changed. The answer is, nothing drastic, but I did need to choose a different wall color for the kitchen/dining space after the toile wallpaper went up. While I knew the background was creamy, I thought White Dove would still complement it. But when I finally got to see them together in person, White Dove was actually a little too grey for the wallpaper. I briefly considered Sherwin William's Creamy, but in the super warm afternoon light streaming in our newly expanded kitchen windows it read way too yellow for the space. That led me back to a former contender - Benjamin Moore Cloud White. It turned out to be the perfect level of creaminess without too much yellow. I also briefly considered BM Swiss Coffee, which is apparently a bit controversial, but it too was a little heavy and yellow in the warm afternoon southern light. I waffled on this decision for so long but finally had to nail it down so I could paint the range wall before the tile went up. Once again my amazing kitchen designer neighbor stopped by with some fantastic input. She's the same sage who suggested the open shelving I'm psyched about around the oven in my new working area, as well as a better floating shelf configuration for my range wall. Her 11th hour advice when I can't quite figure out the way to go has been crucial. I can't wait to make her dinner in the new kitchen!

I absolutely loved picking out the colors for our new space. I‘m always intrigued by the way different light changes a single color, and I find color theory fascinating. I’ll put together a roundup of all the colors I chose soon.

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